No Hope for Gomez!
By G. Parke
Margaret, Amazon
Though I enjoy traditional storylines--thrillers, horror, mysteries--I often like to be surprised by a book that colors outside the lines--one that immediately makes me want to look for another one just like it. Graham Parke's No Hope for Gomez! is one such book, and I can't even begin to describe how cool it was.

Kirkus Discoveries, [Best of Indie 2011]
As a test subject in an experimental drug trial, Gomez Porter is asked to a keep a blog to chronicle any strange experiences, an exercise that quickly alerts him to just how many odd things seem to be happening around him. He soon finds himself wrapped up in a possible murder mystery, stalking a stalker for a woman he thinks he loves (though it might just be the drugs), while his life and the characters in it get ever more absurd—and increasingly dangerous. Parke’s debut novel melds screwball comedy, hipster-style irony and an old-fashioned unreliable narrator into a quirky whodunit that challenges our perceptions about how we think and interact with the world around us.

California Chronicle
Much of the richness of No Hope for Gomez lies in its jocular conversational bantering and some extremely witty and clever writing that contain keen insights into human nature. Parke is a gifted author with his innovative and refreshing talent of spinning a tale, and even manages to invent substantive characters out of his comic creations. Although Parke may not as yet be a household name, it is clear that he is likely to develop into a popular writer and hopefully he will continue to churn out some more great novels.
Andrula, Amazon
Hoping it would remind me of Nick Hornby's books, which make me lough out loud, I started reading it, and just after finishing its first paragraph, I knew I would LOVE it.

Bridget, Barnes&Noble
This book is different than any other book I have read. The way the author speaks through his characters and builds up suspense is really intriguing. When you read this you will want to be able to read it all in one sitting because you won't be able to put it down.

Unspent Time
By G. Parke
Haley, Amazon
Witty and sarcastic at times, and serious at others, which makes for an altogether interesting and engaging read. I wholeheartedly recommend Unspent Time to anyone who... well, likes to read and has a sense of humor. You will like these stories. I promise.

Reader's Favorite
A wonderful collection of stories taken out of the creative mind of Graham Parke. I enjoyed reading "Unspent Time Omnibus". It was different, unique and a lot of fun. Graham Parke is a wonderful author who dares to take the plunge into the 'what if'.

Teed24 (Erika), Amazon
I just absolutely love how genius his writing is, especially in this book because not only am I getting to know so many characters I also feel like I get to know the author as well. Graham Parke has a humorously dark side you just can't put the book down, and had me laughing out loud.

7of7, Amazon
This is a very surprising story collection. I've never seen anything quite like it. Each story is of high quality and, more surprisingly, each story has a very unique feel to it. The other thing that really makes this a fascinating read (other than trying to figure out how the writer came up with all these ideas) is the little 'about' bits spread throughout the collection. They really make you feel like you're having a direct conversation with the writer.