How to Catch A Time Traveler

Genre : Scifi/Thriller
Length: 117 pages

In 2009 Stephen Hawking proved that time travel was impossible. He did this by holding a time traveler's convention and sending out the invitations AFTER the fact. This way only time travelers could attend.

No one showed up.

If time travelers just needed a forum to prove their abilities, this experiment might have worked. But how do you catch a time traveler who doesn't want to get caught?

Years after accidentally causing his little brotherís death, Rick -- a nextgen science geek -- devises a new approach to solving the time travel problem -- catch a time traveler and get him to tell you what he knows. And how hard can that be? Heís already created some nifty facial recognition software which he licenses to manufacturers of security cameras and mobile devices. And this software has a backdoor, allowing him access to all your video data!

With the help of a group of financiers he sets up a data processing facility to find faces in the crowd that donít age, or that age backwards -- a sure sign youíre traveling through time the wrong way. But when the alarms go off and a curious looking girl springs his trap, the mystery only deepens.

The image data the girl was identified in, is Rickís own. Sheís been popping up in the background of his photos for decades. Exactly who is hunting whom? Rick has only hours to solve the riddle and rescue the girl from the clutches of his financiers before their secret agenda erases them both from the timeline.

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