Blind Spot

Genre : Scifi/Thriller
Length: 106 pages

When a Boeing 747 crashes into a sleepy town, leaving a fiery scar of destruction without causing a single fatality, the world is stunned. Only Matt knows how this is possible, and hes not talking.

Days earlier, Sandy -- a shy princess among nerds -- discovers a strange pattern in anonymized times-of-death data which she receives from hospitals all over the world. This pattern occurs every eleven years, correlating with the solar and magnetic cycles -- an unknown natural phenomenon. Working with her data, Matt pinpoints mysterious Blind Spots in the pattern: predictable moments when no one ever dies.

Sandy and Matt test their hypothesis, creating software to tell them when the next Spot will hit. Matt courts Sandy by taking her out on a Thelma-and-Louise date: dropping them off a cliff in a beat-up convertible. But when Matt scares off a mugger by shooting himself point blank in the face, word of their technology reaches Keller, a corrupt government agent whose family was collateral damage in an operation by his own agency.

A death defying race against time and terrorists begins in which Matt must use the Spots and all his wits to outsmart Keller and keep him from using the technology to bring down the countrys defenses.

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